Congratulations! So you're finally ready for your first driving lesson and anticipating this milestone with excitement and maybe a certain amount of trepidation! Or maybe you've already started lessons, taken some knock-backs, and need some encouragement to re-group and get going again! No matter what your background or past driving experiences - no two learners are alike, after all ! - I'll take on board where you're coming from and tailor your training to suit your individual needs and experience.

The course is based on the DVSA's Recommended Syllabus for Learning to Drive, and structured in easy progressive stages. To start with, the emphasis will be on car-control skills, followed by observation/perception skills. Towards the end of the course, emphasis is placed on the importance of always maintaining a positive attitude behind the wheel and cultivating the practice of self-critiquing your driving performance, in order to foster safe driving for life.


Lesson Duration

Lessons are normally 1 hour duration, although 1.5 hours or 2 hour sessions can be a more productive time-span. They can be taken on a pay-as-you-go basis, or as a semi-intensive/block booking course, (see prices).



A more intensive course is catered for - usually not more that 12 hours per week - to accelerate the learning process, if for example, you need to meet an early practical driving test deadline.


Motorway course

This will need to be a minimum 2 hour session, and is not available to learner drivers, who must pass the practical driving test before driving on motorways. You may consider enrolling for the Pass Plus course, which crucially includes a motorway module.

Refresher Course

This course is aimed at qualified 'returning' drivers, or drivers who have qualified abroad, and need to familiarize with the U.K. roads.I will build on your existing skills to give you confidence to cope with today's busy roads.

Pass Plus

This highly recommended course is a 6 module/hour course, which can be taken after passing the practical test to enhance existing skills, but crucially, introduce driving on motorways and higher speed dual-carriage ways. The course also covers driving on rural roads - at night, and driving in adverse weather conditions.

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